Is Paul Ryan awaiting the call?

Paul Ryan already went through the Texas Death Match that is the GOP primary once before, and he ended up as the VP nominee on a losing ticket. Many people were surprised when, after denying any interest, Ryan agreed to replace John Boehner as Speak of the House. Could it be that he is positioning himself to step forward an accept the POTUS nomination in a deadlocked convention?

The Speaker role keeps him in the public eye and raises his stature, as he spends no money and suffers no damage, while the declared candidates bludgeon each other, accumulate statements and actions that leave them open to attack, and exhaust resources. They crawl in the dirt while he keeps his pants pressed.

Most people, on both sides of the aisle, would probably emit a sigh of relief if the nomination fell to Ryan, since he at least appears to be less batshit crazy than the rest of the options. What do you think?